Placing Orders

I appreciate every one of you who has mastered their devices and place your orders online.  I pay a lot of money for this website to ensure highest security for my customers. 
I work 80-90 hours a week making all the things you love. 
While I do understand that placing an order by telephone takes "just a few minutes", when you multiply those 'few minutes' by 20 - 50, suddenly, it's hours and hours out of my work day.  
I run your card through my website over the internet just as you would if you were placing the order yourself.
I do not want to be in possession of your card numbers.  

Send an email or text, I will send an invoice. 

Picking up at Markets --

If you’d like to place your order online and pick up at a local farmers market, we are happy to accommodate. That said, we need time to put orders together for pickup.  Please try to have your order submitted Wednesday for pickup that same weekend. 
If your order is submitted later than Wednesday, we will try to get it ready for the weekend.  If we are not able to get the order ready for pick up by weekend market times, we will email or text. :)

 We reserve the right to refuse service.