Wholesale Account Info


Would you like to carry Arizona Soap Company products in your store? 

We just need your Info and a form filled out. 

We will create a customer ID for you and instructions for checkout.

You'll need an EIN or resale tax ID.  

Arizona Form

Here's how it works.  Fill out the Arizona form above.  Create an account.  I set your account so that my store does not collect tax from you.  Once I receive the form, I create a discount code for you.  Orders are to be placed online and paid for with credit card or debit card, NOT paypal.  Pay pal takes a huge bite and that will result in a reduction of product you receive.

Wholesale orders do not receive free shipping.  

Products that are grouped and discounted are NOT eligible for wholesale purchase (i.e., the glucosamine cream and muscle rub sets cannot be purchased wholesale, but the individual products can).

I disable discount codes when there is no 'room' for anymore wholesale orders, so the earlier you can get your order in, the better.  

NOTE: Due to heavy volume and time constraints, plan ahead. I will disable discount codes when there is no 'room' for any more wholesale orders.  

Looking for a custom formulation? Yes, we are happy to create custom formulae ($300.00 per formula for lotions, creams, balms, cream soaps,  bar soap or liquid soap) for you and possibly get them to you wholesale.  There may be set up fees and minimum order requirements, depending on the project.

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