From Tracy T., Tucson, AZ - How does your skin feel today??  Is it itchy and scratchy- did you immediately lotion up after you got out of the shower? Does it look older than it should because it's dried out?   It does not have to-- 
I used to use store bought or "hand made" soaps and tons of lotion- until I discovered Ancestral Herbals- I started with the muscle rub- and gradually started using other products-and then landed on the soap- creamy rich and so delicious smelling my skin feels happy and looks (and smells) great- after about a year of using the soap- I was in a gift shop in Bisbee and I was drawn in by the wonderful smell of an "all natural, hand made patchouli soap" and I strayed--- and what a mistake that was- 2 days after using it, my skin was once again dry and itchy- back to lotioning  up twice a day!  After about a week I couldn't take it anymore and purchased Julee's Nag champa soap- (she was sold out of patchouli) and my skin returned almost immediately back to its wonderful soft nurtured self- no itchy scratchy- no obsessive lotion for the sandpaper patches-   Never again will I use anything else- gorgeous smooth lather that rinses off clean and clear with no residue- 
I have a stash now so that I will never again stray!! 
What's in your shower??