Foaming Bath Whip

Foaming Bath Whip

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Foaming Bath Whip can be used as a body wash, for shaving and as a shampoo. It’s sulfate-free and very gentle.  I worked on this formulation for a time and I’m ever so grateful to my friends and family testing for me - together we perfected Foaming Bath Whip!  We are expanding the offerings, so check back from time to time. 

Peach Jubilee - our ultra popular peach scent, enriched with a little hemp oil 

Hibiscus Prickly Pear - enriched with a little hibiscus seed oil and prickly pear seed oil 

Orange Patchouli - enriched with organic hemp seed oil and argan oil 

Norwegian Blue - birch, cedar and oud, this scent is very popular with everyone, but the scent is considered masculine.