About Rewards discount codes and custom orders

About Rewards discount codes and custom orders

It's easy to earn Rewards through our Rewards Club.  You earn with each order.  As your points accumulate, your earnings increase. 

To redeem points, simply click on "Your Rewards" tab on the left side of screen, select how you'd like to redeem your points, and SAVE THE CODE that is generated. Write that down, copy for pasting or take a pic with your phone.  Then, choose items and place your order, inputting your rewards code during checkout. 

Redemption codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. 

Now, about custom orders.  Because I am quite busy, when you order a custom batch of soap, I have to find the time to make it, then it must cure.  If you have an event or holiday you're ordering for, please order at least THREE MONTHS in advance.  This will give me time to actually MAKE the soap and then plenty of time for the minimum 4 weeks cure.  Another thing to keep in mind is the humidity.  If we are having weeks and weeks of rain, cure time could be delayed. 

I found a bunch of prickly pears in my freezer, so I decided to make prickly pear soap. I had burned the spikes off the pears before freezing, so all I had to do was cook & strain.

Despite being such a strong color, when prickly pear juice encounters lye, it turns a very light green and that doesn’t last.

The prickly pear soap is a multi part soap. I make the colors first, so that’s what I did - the brown, green and magenta. I mix my colors on the fly so they’re never exactly the same. I ran out of brown pigment, so my brown is cocoa powder and walnut hull powder, my green is a mineral and cocoa powder, and my pink/magenta is a mix of minerals, clay and herbs.

I’ll wait 24 or so hours, then unmold and slice the colors. I wait a couple days before shredding those bars. I use a big food processor to shred. Even so, this step takes over an hour. The shreds go into paper bags that I clip closed so the shreds can dry out a few days.brown and green for Prickly Pear soap

I make another batch of prickly pear soap and stir those colorful shreds in. The result is a soap that contains an abstract pic of a prickly pear in full fruit. Besides being pretty and smelling GORGEOUS, there’s over a quart of prickly pear juice and a quart of goats milk in each batch once completed.

magenta for prickly pearSuper nice to the skin and this batch has an added surprise - pecan oil.


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