I don’t wear foundation. Not ever anymore. One of the nicest things that happens at nearly every market or show is a visitor saying “you’ve got beautiful skin!” to me. Not just my 50-something peers, but younger women, too.
When I first started making this cream years ago, it was just for my personal use. I’d grown weary of all the junk in commercial face creams, the fact that the actives in many of them were either so harsh they were destructive to the skin or not really active at all! And EXPEN$IVE!! The goal is to slow down the aging process (i prefer to stop it!). TLCream is a luxurious emulsion that smells like roses - not because of a fragrance, but because it contains rose hydrosol, rose attar/Otto/essential oil blend. Enrichments include Apricot oil infused with roses, jasmine flowers, elder flowers, lavender buds, chamomile and calendula, olive oil infused with helichrysum and calendula, aloe Vera grown right here in Tucson, Royal jelly, algae extract, NaPCA (a salt we have a lot of in our youth that declines with age - the skin soaks this right up), Olive squalane, cholesterol esters, lanosterol esters, lanolin, vitamins A, E, and D, and Arizona jojoba oil. This is a beautiful treatment for skin of all ages. Anniversary sale til 7/20

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  • Lala

    My FAVORITE!!!!! Love this cream! Thank you!

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