Neem Tea Tree

Neem is a drought tolerant tree in the mahogany family. It grows in tropical climates and is native to India. It’s fruits and seeds are the source of Neem oil. Neem leaves are used to keep bugs out of clothing and foods. The leaves are burned to keep mosquitoes away.
Neem is used in gardening as a natural method of pest management.
Neem has been used topically for around 2,000 years for skin ailments including eczema, acne and psoriasis. It’s antibacterial, antifungal, antihelminthic, antiviral. It has a strong odor that is similar to Tea Tree Essential oil.
Tea Tree Essential oil is sourced from the myrtle Tree - melaleuca alternafolia. Tea Tree has been used topically for athletes foot, dandruff, lice, scabies, insect bites, fungal and bacterial infections.
This soap has always had a fairly high percentage of Neem oil as well as Tea Tree Oil. It’s got a very loyal following.
I just improved this soap with a bit more Neem as well as Tea Tree added at the last possible moment so more of the active properties are available through the soap (this also caused the color to shift a bit). Therapeutic without being excessively drying, it’s a winner!

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  • lala

    I love this soap! It helps keep athletes foot under control in my household. Especially during summer. I even wash socks and shoes out with this. :)

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