New Stuff!

This weekend is going to be hectic.  We've got 5 markets/shows.  But I wanted to let you know the latest!

This week, we are at the following events/markets:
Friday, July 28 - Rincon Market at Tucson Blvd & 6th from 10-1
Saturday July 29 - Rincon Valley Farmers Market - 8-1
Saturday July 29 - 8th Annual Garlic Festival, Triple T Guest Ranch, Dragoon, AZ 10-4
Sunday, July 30 - St. Philips Plaza Farmers Market, SE corner Campbell Ave & River 8-1
Sunday July 30 - 8th Annual Garlic Festival, Triple T Guest Ranch, Dragoon, AZ 10-4

Deodorant is back in stock.  We now have one good size and a really nifty container.  Available unscented and scented with organic lemongrass essential oil.  


We've also made Rose Balm VEGAN! It's still a beautiful balm, it's just got zero beeswax and all veg based ingredients. 





Next up is Sandalwood Patchouli.  This all-veg soap is exactly what it sounds like - rich, deep sandalwood with patchouli.  The scent is mostly essential oils, so this one is not cheap.  It really is quite nice.  :)




White Chocolate soap is delectable.  Because it's made with mostly organic cocoa butter, it is so delicious. 

Rose Clay Soap is back!
 I know this one has some fans! 




Hopefully, I will have time to update you again in the next week or two.  Prickly pears are ready, so prickly pear soap is in our future!


OK, I think that's all for now.  Have a great weekend!

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